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Daily Success Confessions

I am a man of vision, I can see the invisible, I can do the impossible.

I am endowed with the wisdom to know what to do and the courage to follow through.

I walk by faith and not by sight, I face the future with boldness and enthusiasm.

I have the vision to manage myself and lead others.

I am a person of virtue, I’m focused, I’m disciplined, I’m consistent, I’m persistent, I’m responsible, I’m dependable, I’m enthusiastic and I am energetic.

I am passionate and compassionate about my life and I am a man of power, of purity, of praise.

I am gentle, patient, caring, sensitive, considerate and genuine.

I am attentive and attractive and fun loving.

I’m affectionate, I am a person of value and I’m a masterpiece, uniquely fashioned by the creator. A vessel of honour, a person of class and of style and greatness is within me!

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