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Top 10 Motivational YouTube Videos for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Videos for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I just want to ask something you of before you go down. Please let me know which one of them is the most profound for you! Put your comments below. THANKS

1. A 5 Minute Plea To Do – Gary Vaynerchuk

In just a little less than 5 minutes, GaryVee will spur you to action in the direction of your dreams. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur not sure of what to do next? GaryVee will kick it to you real straight and get you going on. He explains that lack of action is one way not to get things done.


2. Secrets to success Pt. 1 by Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas shares his secrets to success with students of Michigan State University.


3. Stop Making Excuses – Patrick Bet-David

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who your parents are, your level of formal education and all that. Stop making excuses and start making advancements.


4. Floyd Mayweather-Psychology behind the success – Floyd Mayweather

Winning requires having a game plan. you need a plan A, plan B, or even plan C to win


5. The 4 M’s Of Motivation: Tai Lopez On Momentum, Procrastination, & How To Incentivize Yourself – Tai Lopez

We are hardwired as humans to be motivated by at least one out of the 4 M’s of motivation. You will discover which one is the strongest for you.


6. Are You Suffering From The Disease Called Excuse’s? Jim Rohn’s Wisdom! –
Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn teaches on dropping all tenable excuses!


7. Your Thoughts attract EVERYTHING – Episode 2 – Bob Proctor

Why would people choose the results they don’t want and then get emotionally involved? Bob Proctor talks about this!


8. Facing Your Fears – Will Smith

Lesson: Never ever allow fear to stop you. God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror!


9. Claim Your Dream – Denzel Washington

It it was easy there will be no Denzel Washington


10. You Gotta Jump To Be Successful! – Steve Harvey

This is the way to make your dreams come true. You just have to jump. Take the leap of faith.


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  1. Some of these I have seen and some I’ve never even heard of. Gary V is a favorite and I love all of his stuff. I will look at some of the others and see if I can find some more favorites.

  2. Floyd Mayweather? You mean the boxer? He must have a lot to say on the subject of motivation! But the Steve Harvey thing really intrigued me a bit – i will have to check it out ­čÖé

  3. Tonya Tardiff says:

    Gary Vee is THEE Man!! I listen to his podcasts daily – it’s a great way to get shit done!

  4. Jack bransson says:

    Awesome videos, i actually watched three of these and it is amazing motivational videos. Gonna watch the rest soon, thank you for sharing with us tho!

  5. Ohh thats so awesome!! I love watching something that will inspire me to keep working harder!!

  6. Krysti says:

    I love watching motivational videos so I really appreciate you collecting some great ones! I’ll have a run through them now.

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