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How to Motivate Yourself, Even When It’s Difficult – 7 Proven Ways

How to Motivate Yourself, Even When It’s Difficult – 7 Proven Ways

You have probably been confronted with the lack of will and energy that you needed to achieve some of your desired goals. It might be that you’ve always put it aside when the time comes for you to act or you just get distracted so easily by some less important stuff simply because they feel good at the moment. You are not the only one in the struggle especially in this age of social media and other life distractions. There will always be many things competing for your attention especially when you set out to do  stuff that will be of great benefit and profitable to you.

Putting away distractions and killing procrastination may be hard but you can train yourself and become the master.

Here are some key steps to personal motivation;

You only have limited Time!

Here is the common thought pattern that gives birth to procrastination – you don’t necessarily have to do it now, you still have time so you can do it later. Tomorrow is another day.  Days, weeks, months and even years have rolled by and the stuff is still left undone! The truth of the matter is that we begin dying the moment we are born. Literally by the time of our first breath, our countdown timer is already starting and before we realize what is happening we loose track of our childhood and then our youth. Then just in a moment we are 70 years old wondering where all the time has gone. It is the fact that we have a limited amount of time that actually gives purpose to our life . If we were to live forever, you’ll never be motivated to take action today, you’ll never fight for your dreams and you’ll never express the love you have to the people you care about because you will always have tomorrow.

Limited time

The way I look at it, it’s the knowledge that I know I’m going to die that creates the focus I bring to being alive… That creates the urgency of accomplishment and creates the need to express love… Now not later

– Neil De Grasse Tyson

Success is in Your Routine

The reason behind some of the struggles we face is basically because we don’t have a routine. The DNA of self motivated folks is in their routine. Its starts with the time you wake up. You have to set a time to wake up and stick with it – 4.00 am, 5:00 am or 6:00 am, whatever it is, just stick with it. In the 365 days that make a year, you may have a bad day or two but you’ll find strength in your routine. Find a routine and stick with it, this is a secret of champions.

Distract Your Distractions

Distractions can either be internal or external. Internal distractions are those that are self induced. they usually cause your mind to stray instead of focusing on the task at hand. External distractions on the other hand are those that originate from other people or things around you. To avoid internal distractions, I recommend you have a dedicated work place for yourself, probably work station or even a specific area, a place where your mind will associate majorly to work related thoughts. Be sure to leave your work station when you are on break, by doing so, you know you can as well let your thoughts roam free. To avoid external distractions, simply identify your source of distraction and put it away or simply move away from it. I know this piece of advice sounds pretty simply but I hope that fact would not make you overlook it.

The things that are easy to do are also easy not to do – Jim Rohn

Keep Those Goals in Mind

Keep your goals in mind
Keep your goals in mind

Your primary goal you be your anchor. Do not stray away from the big picture. What’s your why? Working towards your goal everyday may be very hard but bearing in mind that you have a vision will help you push though the the tedious tasks involved.

You Need laser Thin Focus

Try and focus on only a few important tasks per day. Don’t try to do everything all at a time. It is much better to be slower than to give up early because you took on so much in the beginning! Take consistent baby steps.

Motivate yourself

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

– Henry Ford

Take Some Time Off!

Yes. Its very normal to want to take a break after working for a while. This will refresh you and give you more energy to fire on with your tasks. You need to however schedule your breaks and avoid going beyond the set limits. The idea here is to give yourself sufficient rest in a way to boost your productivity and avoid burnouts.

See How Far You’ve Come

how far
See how far you’ve come

Focusing one your goal may sometimes make you forget what you have achieved in the past. Your past victories however will sometimes be your only motivation tom achieve a particular goal. Before you  even start, take a moment to see how far you have come. Think about the obstacles you have to overcome to achieve your past successes, you shouldn’t just give up all that!

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