no website, no problem
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How to Promote Affiliate Offers Without a Website

no website, no problem

One great benefit of starting affiliate marketing is the minimal entry requirement. If you were to start a regular business, you’ll need to rent retail space and stock inventory, this could easily set you back for at least a few thousands of dollars. As an affiliate, you can get started for almost nothing besides your willingness and dedication.

Affiliate marketing requires some decent amount of work. So many newcomers to the endeavor see the amount of work involved in setting up a website, and one common question they ask themselves is; can I do this without a website? Without a website, they save the expense of web hosting a domain name. There would be no need to set up a CMS (Content Management System) and a bunch of plugins or what have you. They do not have to worry about security or building a web audience. All they have to do is find alternative traffic sources for their affiliate offers.

The most important thing to you is your affiliate link, and your major task is  getting that link in front of as many potentially interested people as possible. Usually, a website helps you do this by having a lot of related and articulated content in one place, increasing in SEO value and showing up in Google search results. It is definitely a stable base from which to work with other links, ads, social media, and a handful of other traffic sources. Without a website, you lack this base, so you will be working harder to promote your link in more places without the benefit of a central hub to tie it all together.

I understand however that you’re reading this post because you want to try without a website, and by all means, go ahead. Of course, you can always set up a site later and add it to the list.

Let’s dive straight into the ways you can achieve this goal. I would recommend you use a combination of any two of these options or as many as you can.

Write Something:

Creating some interesting content online remains one sure way of getting peoples attention. Even without a website of your own, you can write a review blog on websites like weebly, tumblr or hubpages about the product you are going to promote and put your affiliate link inside the review. Its pretty simple and easy.

Forum and Blog Posting:

Exactly! Find and join interesting forums related to the products you will be promoting. Put you affiliate link in your signature. To succeed this way, you need to join in the discussions and make meaningful,respectful and helpful contributions. If you are consistent, you will get some attention and decent number of clicks on your affiliate link already in your signature. Do not be tempted to join in on discussions you know little or nothing about, this will be seen as spamming. Spamming a blog or forum with useless posts may get your posts deleted and even get you banned eventually. Please avoid spamming!

Social Media:

I personally believe that social media is one of the best ways of getting plenty of attention. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat are all there for you use for free. I love Instagram. Create an Instagram account that is relevant to the product you are promoting, be sure to give your account a cute name. Put your affiliate link in your bio. Create interesting content with posts and relevant hashtags. Pay attention to the content that get more likes on your Instagram and double down on what works.  Get more followers by following or liking the posts of those who follow similar accounts. So, if you’re into fitness, for example, you could like and follow people who like “The Rock” – a famous actor, professional wrestler and icon in the fitness niche.


Create your own E-book

I do not want you to consider this as a difficult option. Writing  E-books about a subject of interest tells your audience that you are an authority in that subject. Remember, it doesn’t  have to be a 200 pages e-book. You can simply write a 5 page E-book. Your aim should be towards providing authentic and valuable information to your readers while presenting it in the most interesting way you can. Simply include your affiliate links in your e-book.


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