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Top 10 Free Website Traffic Sources

So you now have your own blog? It is great to own a blog especially if you write articles about the stuff you love! You also have great ideas to share and get people along in your train of thoughts.  Getting people on the pages of your website and connecting with them through your content will definitely be such an incredibly pleasurable experience.

As an affiliate marketer, you want generate leads and make sales  in order to earn those commissions. This process will start only if you are able get targeted traffic towards your affiliate offers. if you are doing anything at all and you want people to know about it, you need to find  a way of creating traffic in the direction of your stuff. Traffic generation is a real deal! Thee following are my top 10 free traffic sources in no particular order;

Blogging For Traffic;

Yes, you can literally blog and receive traffic to your blog if you create valuable and relevant content.  You probably already know that the entire internet is google’s field of play. Thousands of people are searching google on a daily basis for one thing or another. Google will be glad to show your blog as one of its top search results to visitors who search for keywords in your niche  if your blog content  is valuable. The more you keep  writing and producing fresh content consistently in your blog, the easier it becomes for people to find you in searches!

Twitter is a Tool

Of course! Twitter is not dead yet like some people think it is. Your twitter account and tweets still remain important tools to drive traffic and it still works  till now. I use twitter to generate a lot of traffic myself. You don’t even need to have plenty followers already to start generating twitter traffic towards your blog or affiliate links. You will however need to make your account as attractive as you  can. You need a top notch twitter profile image and header. What you need to do is add your website or affiliate link to your profile and continue dropping engaging tweets every now and then.  You have to keep posting regularly. Still on your profile, your bio is a great place to describe your account and make people want to click your website link. Picture and and video tweets will get you more engagement on twitter. You can even schedule your tweets  using a twitter posting tool such as Buffer. Buffer will post your tweets for your at the time(s) you have scheduled the tweets to go out.

The Power of Quora

Quora is a platform where people visit to ask interesting, mind twisting and curiosity-driven questions. You know, people are looking for answers everyday and you may just be the right person to answer some of their questions. You really do not need to be a professor to answer questions on Quora. Sometimes you just need to tell your own true story to  answer someone else’s question. If done the right way, your answer may get thousands of views and plenty of upvotes. You can also recommend your relevant blog post or affiliate product by strategically adding the link in your answer. I must however warn you against spamming with your links as Quora frowns at this. Only answer questions you are knowledgeable about.

YouTube is King

You probably already know that YouTube is one of the best places to get traffic for any purpose. First you should create your video and upload to your channel for free! Newbies are always welcome and anyone can do this. You do not even need to buy an expensive camera to start with. Nothing is wrong with starting out doing the recording with your phone camera.  There are also plenty of free software that allow you to record your computer screen in case you will be creating some tutorials videos using your computer. So voila! Just like blogging, this is also one place where consistency is  key.

Facebook Everything! – Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

Whatever it is that you do, Facebook will get you tonnes and tonnes of free traffic if you know how to use it.  You can create a free Facebook fan page based on your niche and then start posting valuable  content. You can easily automate you posts using tools like fptraffic.

Facebook groups already contain people of similar interest. So you can be rest assured of a high engagement rate if you post interesting content. The groups are mostly free to join, just use the Facebook search to find groups and then click the join button for the group you are interested in and wait for your request to be approved by group admin. That’s it! You can start posting in the group immediately you are accepted.

Traffic Exchange

What goes around comes around. You want free traffic? You could be a visitor on someone else’s website while you receive visits on yours too. This are numerous traffic exchange platforms today where you earn points by visiting other people’s page and then your earned points is what you pay when your website is visited by others on the platform. This may consume some of your time but hey,  it is one sure way of getting visits to your website. One platform where you can do this is It’s free to try out!

Forum Traffic

Forum discussions will get you real and targeted traffic. you need to join forums particularly related to your niche. Your meaningful contributions to discussions will surely give you recognition and trust that is required in getting traffic. Some forums even allow you to  add your affiliate or blog link to your signature which can be seen in all your posts.


Instagram, the picture platform is not just for posting pictures alone! You can also get 100% free and targeted traffic from your Instagram.  As long as you keep posting high quality pictures and short videos (60-seconds maximum), you stand a chance of growing an audience and drawing attention to your profile.  You can get followers by following other accounts too. Simply place your website or affiliate link in your profile and then direct your followers to click on it through your posts. Your reward will be free traffic in its purest form!

Reddit – The front page of the internet

I consider Reddit to be a sophisticated platform for free traffic generation. Here, you are free to join subreddits which are based on Interests. Unlike Quora which is dedicated to questions and answers, Reddit is also a discussion and fun place where you can share funny pictures. Reddit is highly regulated to avoid spam. You will need to put your creativity to work here. Create your post and submit in the appropriate subreddit. Traffic from Reddit will be  worth your time and hard-work.

SlideShare is a website where you can share presentations about the stuff you love. You also need to put your creativity to work here.  High quality content will reward you with targeted free traffic.

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