passive income
Passive Income

How to make passive income online

One common characteristic of most successful people is their ability to generate income from diverse sources. Most of them are talented at one particular thing which becomes their initial main source of wealth, but you will notice that as they grow, they realize the need to diversify and increase the number of their portfolios.

One thing I will like to establish here before moving ahead is the fact that making passive income still involves selling. However, there is nothing to worry about these days even if you have no sales experience at all. Besides affiliate marketing, drop-shipping is one other cool way of earning online income where newbies can make a fortune online.

Drop-shipping involves selling products through a 3rd party company, the seller does not have to stock the products. When a customer places an order for the product through the seller’s online retail store, the product is shipped directly to the customer from a 3rd party store who has the item in stock. Alternatively, the Seller buys the product from the 3rd party and ships to the customer.

The Printful Case Study

Printful passive income

Printful is a fulfilment company that provides drop-shipping services. How does this work?  They have  a wide range of products – including mugs, T-shirts, throw pillows, skirts , dresses and phone cases which can be customized upon request. So you can come up with your own design and have it printed on any of these items and then shipped to anywhere you want it.

Printful can be fully integrated with eCommerce platforms like  Shopify,  Etsy, woo-commerce, weebly and gumroad. This integration allows you to put your design on any of these products (according to printful guidelines) and list them in your store. When someone orders an item the order goes to printful. They print, package and ship to your customer for you. Isn’t that incredible? Printful can use your logo on the packaging and even use your return address so it looks like it came directly from you. Its free to set up a Printful account, the only time you will be charged is when a customer orders an item from your shop.

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